Rossair Travel - About Us

Explore the exclusive world of private air travel
with Rossair Travel

Make private aircraft travel your reality with one of our signature packages at Rossair Travel. Featuring unique experiences, destinations and luxurious accommodation. Each of our signature packages have been designed to ensure our clients have access to the most exclusive travel journeys available.

Create your own one-of-a-kind experience

The opportunities are endless with Rossair Travel, for a truly one of a kind experience we can work with you to design an itinerary which is one to remember and purely your own.

Share the experience

Our private packages accommodate up to 8 guests in absolute privacy and comfort so you can share this ultimate travel experience with your closest friends by your side.

Relax Faster, go from your vehicle to the air in just minutes

Avoid the crowds, queues and long walks from airport parking facilities. Experience complimentary parking right on our door step where you will be greeted on arrival by our professional and friendly staff and step into a world of luxury beginning with our private flight lounge, personalised catering, direct tarmac access and tailored inflight dining designed just for you.

Enjoy spacious seating, scenic flights and private transfers on arrival to your destination, let Rossair ensure your next trip is one to remember.

Make the exclusive world of private travel your reality with Rossair.

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